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The Noodle Pros Approach:

  • Extensive knowledge of the most effective MCAT resources
  • Knowledge of the entire medical school application process
  • The best students in the country
  • Highly experienced professional tutors
  • Targeted prep
  • Trust based relationships
  • Flexibility to accommodate busy pre-meds’ schedules
  • Profound tutor-student partnerships


In our guide, “20 MCAT Questions Answered,” we lead savvy applicants through important topics that are not covered elsewhere online.

Examples of topics covered include:

  • How can I do well on the Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biology Section without a calculator?
  • How do I determine how deeply I should understand topics like metabolism, genetics, microbiology, anatomy, physiology?
  • Do I really have to know experimental design for the Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior Section?


Written by an experienced Noodle Pro who has hundreds of hours of experience teaching the MCAT, this document is a useful tool for students at any phase of their prep process.

Whether you are concerned about a specific subject or section, struggling with self-discipline and study scheduling, or looking for practice problems and accompanying instruction that will reflect the difficulty-level and style of the recently updated MCAT, it pays to work with tutors who truly speak your language.

Noodle Pros tutors have 15-30 years of private MCAT tutoring experience, including experience designing MCAT practice sections and diagnostic content for major test prep companies. Where many classes, online instructors, and 1:1 companies provide instruction that is rudimentary compared to your high-level pre-med coursework, many of us have taught at the college level, and provide vigorous individualized instruction that matches that of top university professors.  

Noodle Pros MCAT students are academic achievers who attend some of the best schools in the country. They have worked hard on their medical school package, and deserve the best of the best when it comes to academic help and test prep. As industry leading tutors, we are honored to help MCAT students achieve their goals, and we consider it a privilege to aid in their future successes.

Our bespoke tutoring services range in price from $200- $500 per hour.

Testimonials from Noodle Pros MCAT students:

“My tutor worked with me on biology for the MCAT. She was absolutely incredible and I would hire her again without a doubt. She helped me score in the 99th percentile on the MCAT with a near perfect score on biology. Her knowledge of the subject matter combined with her ability to teach test taking skills made her a great tutor. She defines exceptional tutoring and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor”

“Our Noodle Pro was an exceptional tutor! He tutored me one on one on my weakest section of the MCAT which was general chemistry and physics (two classes that I hated). My score in that section went from a 120 to a 127! I could not have gotten that score without my tutor’s help. Thanks to him, I scored well on my MCAT and got accepted into medical school.”

“Our Noodle Pros tutor had a MAJOR impact on my daughter's success. She tells everyone she could not have done it without the knowledge, tips, and strategies that she had acquired through his tutoring services. He was truly exceptional. We are so grateful to him for my daughter getting into Med School. The day she got the call that she had been accepted, I immediately called him to thank him because he had played a tremendous part.”



Here are just a few of our experts:


Garrick Trapp (New York and online)
Garrick is an expert MCAT tutor with 17 years of experience tutoring and teaching sciences at the college level. He worked with the AAMC and Khan Academy to design and author practice MCAT passages and instructional content, and is deeply familiar with the medical school application process. He taught in the Physics, Astronomy, and Music departments at UC Berkeley, and in the Biological Sciences department at Columbia University, where he was also an Organic Chemistry tutor. He has his Postbac Premedical Certificate from Columbia; he currently works in Columbia University Medical Center as a cancer researcher, improving treatments and survival for patients diagnosed with pancreatic and gastric cancer. 

Cary West (New York and online)
Cary has 14 years of experience tutoring the MCAT and science subjects. After earning a BS in Physics with a minor in Computer Science and later an MS in Medical Physics from Columbia University, he was sponsored by the NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Grant program to develop computer models for planetary astrophysics research. Cary is an expert tutor for all four sections of the MCAT.

Doug McLemore (Vacaville, CA and online)
Doug has been tutoring the MCAT for over 15 years, and taught the test at Colorado State University before becoming an MCAT instructor and test developer at The Princeton Review. He holds a Ph.D. in Chemistry and an M.Ed. in Adult Education, and is uniquely qualified as an award-winning teacher and an experienced research scientist.


About Noodle Pros

Noodle Pros is a cohort of the world's best tutors. Our tutors have 7-30 years of professional 1:1 test prep experience, and have chosen to make a career out of working one-on-one with students. They have curated study resources, and have written test materials and trained teachers. Pros are deeply familiar with the structure and psychometrics of all major standardized tests (and even some not-so-major ones), and work with students in person in 14 states and 3 countries, and online everywhere. Our bespoke tutoring services range between $200/hour and $500/hour.


About Our Founder

John Katzman is the founder and CEO of The Noodle Companies. A prominent education entrepreneur and the creator of the modern test prep industry, John reinvented test prep when he founded The Princeton Review in 1981. Under John’s leadership, The Review achieved market dominance, helping the majority of students applying to US colleges and universities find, get into, and pay for school. John founded Noodle Pros as a collective of the best tutors in the country, harnessing their decades of test prep expertise to offer personalized, high-level care and attention to students and families.

John has served on the Boards of Directors for several nonprofit and for-profit organizations, including the National Association of Independent Schools, the Woodrow Wilson Foundation, the National Alliance of Public Charter Schools, and Renaissance Learning. He is an investor in several education technology companies and has authored or co-authored five books and many articles.

A lifelong resident of New York’s Upper West Side, John is married to Alicia Ernst; together, they are proud parents of a son and daughter, both students at top colleges. His personal interests include ice hockey, running, skiing, and architecture.

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