Academic Manager 2 (1)

With schools currently operating under different hybrid models, of limited in-person and online instruction, each day is becoming more confusing, frustrating and challenging for your student and you - stress and anxiety are on the rise!

What is Academic Management?

Noodle PROs career tutors (PROs) are experts in their field and content areas with national reputations, who stay tuned into the latest education research and trends.  PROs achieve superior academic and test-prep outcomes and are masters in how to engage each student as an individual; assess each student’s unique learning style; create an individualized learning experience for each student; set, and stretch, goals to get the most out of each student and build confidence and improve or maximize outcomes; and assess the social-emotional status of each student, increase engagement to reduce stress and anxiety, and provide appropriate enrichment opportunities.

In addition to providing superior academic tutoring and test-prep services, Noodle PROs are also seasoned and highly effective Academic Managers.

All students benefit from tutoring but some have underlying, non-academic, but related challenges that prevent them from being as successful as they could be:

  • Focus
  • Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Self-direction
  • Time Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Study Skills
  • Test-taking
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety

If your student has some of the above challenges it places additional demands on your time, especially if you are working from home and they are home for all, or part of, the day.  The added complication of adhering to school curricula, complying with homework assignments and being in the Academic Maze can place an even heavier burden on your day.

Noodle PROs also offers Mindfulness & Mindset coaching and Executive Function training.

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