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ACT vs. SAT Cognitive Diagnostic   

At Noodle Pros, our primary goal is to help our students tackle the test and earn a score they are proud of. Our one-hour ACT/SAT Cognitive Diagnostic helps to save time and takes the guess work out of choosing which test is best for each student. Our combo assessment uses predictive algorithms to realize a student's full capabilities and scoring potential.


Our Personalized Prep Plans include test, section, and strategy prioritization. The ACT/SAT Cognitive Diagnostic allows tutors and students to focus on areas for highest potential point gains rather than indiscriminate prep.


Our ACT/SAT Cognitive Diagnostic was developed by neuroscientists at Penn Medicine. It has been used by various institutions, but most notably, NASA. The full assessment measures complex reasoning, executive functions, memory, & processing efficiency


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Noodle Pros specializes in:

  • Test Prep
  • Academic Support
  • Literacy
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • School Transitions
  • Learning Differences
  • The list goes on...