Remote Proctored Practice Exams

Noodle Pros practice exams allow students to take a practice test from the comfort of home. Once the student has completed their test, they simply snap a photo of their bubble sheet using their phone, and send the photo right back to the Pros! The test content is difficult, taking a practice exam shouldn't be.

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Quick Results

Snap a picture of your Noodle Pros bubble sheet, email your image to the team and we will have your results back to you before you can finish your post test snack.


Let Us Do the Scoring

Leave the interpretation up to us. Noodle Pros delivers a full, comprehensive score report directly to your email. Want to dive in deeper? Set up a complimentary call with an Education Specialist to discuss your score.


Tools to Help You Succeed

There are three main components to test preparation: test-taking strategy, skills and background knowledge, and practice with actual tests. Proctored practice tests provide an opportunity for much needed practice. 


It's Free for Partners!

Students working with our partners may register for a proctored practice test at no cost. Many students go on to join our tutoring program, but there is no obligation. It’s a low-risk way for students (and parents) to get a feel for the test while getting to know Noodle Pros!

Road Map

Building a Road Map

Should you sign up for one of our one-to-one test-prep tutoring programs, the proctored test results serve as a baseline, and our tutors use them to create score goals for your student. In addition, these results help us create a test-prep game plan designed to help your student achieve his highest possible score


Check Points

Students already enrolled in our tutoring programs take several practice tests throughout their preparation and are welcome to take additional proctored tests. These practice tests serve as checkpoints and monitor progress. 

Noodle Pros is a cohort of the world's best tutors. We match students who need high-stakes test prep and academic tutoring with experienced, professional tutors who are the absolute best in the industry. We are based in New York City, and have 150+ tutors in twenty-three states and five countries.

All our Pros have at least seven, and up to 32 years of test prep experience. We have written test materials, trained teachers, designed courses, and are deeply familiar with the structure and psychometrics of all major standardized tests (and even the not-so-major ones!). Our tutors have chosen to make a career out of tutoring. Compared to part-time, student, or untrained tutors, each Noodle Pro brings decades of experience, powerful expert resources, and personalized client support to each tutoring relationship, ensuring a worry-free tutoring experience and the best learning outcomes.

We teach students from pre-K through graduate school, and we meet students at home, in person elsewhere, or online. 

Compared to other tutoring companies, Noodle Pros has a very tutor-friendly model that recognizes the professional caliber of each tutor with an industry- leading revenue share and other employee benefits. We believe that our premium treatment of the best tutors in the field then translates into a premium tutoring experience for students, and better results at school and on tests. 

An initial consultation with a Noodle Pro is always free. Reach out to one of our Pros today and get a head start on your prep.

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"Proctored practice exams are crucial to any effective test prep program because they teach you to use your time correctly, manage your test anxiety, prepare your mind and body, and execute the strategies your Noodle Pros tutor has taught you. There's no substitute for maximizing your performance on the big day!"

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