Preparing For Kindergarten


What skills does your child need for kindergarten?


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At Noodle Pros, we have a targeted, customized program that is designed to help all our Pre-K students develop the necessary skills to succeed in a kindergarten classroom. 


Our lead Pre-K tutor and program developer is Tony Majewski, a childhood education expert and an experienced private school teacher and private tutor in Manhattan. 


At the start of each program, Tony performs a student assessment and prepares a report outlining the student's mastery of essential age-level skills in the following areas:


1. Visual Reasoning


2. Block Design


3. iPad Assessment:

    - Verbal Reasoning

    - Quantitative Reasoning

    - Mathematical skills

    - Early Literacy


These skills are the building blocks of what children will learn in pre-k and beyond. Done well, they build sustained attention in children, teaching them to listen attentively, follow multi-step instructions, and develop empathy, all vital traits for classroom success.


Tony also includes a suggested work plan for your child to achieve mastery in Pre-K and K skills in order to become a competitive candidate for admission to top schools. 


[Fill out the form to download a sample Pre-K student assessment.]




More about Tony:



Tony Majewski.jpg


  • 10 years of early childhood education experience
  • Taught kindergarten and third grade at The Dalton School  (2010-2014)
  • Master's degree in Childhood Education from Bank Street University 
  • Trained in Teacher's College formal assessment for reading and comprehension
  • Trained in PAF Reading Intervention 
  • Coaches the ECAA and AABL

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