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Want to keep your kids engaged this summer?

Let them use their Noodle with Schoodle!


Now that, “school is out. Schoodle is in.” We at Noodle Pros are offering fun and exciting activities for learners of all ages. Students will meet with educators in small zoom groups to take part in an exciting course that aligns with their interests and curiosities. Learning and academics flourish in the form of play, movement, and investigation. Students will gain skills that will help them to grow and succeed. Schoodle is virtually the best way for your child to ride the “new” wave of the learning experience.


  • 6 Week Programs
  • Courses for Grades K-12
  • 1:5 Teacher to Student Ratio
  • 1 Hour per Day Daily
  • Lead by Professional Educators
  • Courses priced at roughly $50 per day

If you’d like to know more about scheduling, tuition, and program options and details, please contact us and an enrollment counselor will help find the right course for your student or organization!


Work With The Best


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When you absolutely must have the score, you absolutely must have a tutor with the experience and the track record to get you there. Noodle Pros employs professional tutors only. To qualify as a Noodle Pro, tutors must have at least seven years of dedicated experience as a full-time tutor. No one else can make that promise. Don't risk your scores in the hands of anyone but a Pro.


At Noodle Pros, we understand the demands of the application process, and we know what it takes to get the highest possible score. We don’t mess around. We don’t use a standard curriculum or a standard package. Our professional tutors will diagnose fast and get the job done efficiently. All programs are custom. Our hourly rates are higher, but we help students hit their target scores faster than anyone else in the business.  


Noodle Pros specializes in:

  • Test Prep
  • Academic Support
  • Literacy
  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • School Transitions
  • Learning Differences
  • The list goes on...